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About the Client

Entrepreneur | Personal Branding

Amber is a Los Angeles based communication expert, public speaking coach, and award-winning adjunct professor in Communication Studies. She works with entrepreneurs and digital influencers, to teach them how to say their words well — both on and off the stage. An authority on interpersonal communication and relationships, she has been featured in or mentioned on sites such as Forbes, Mashable, Fast Company, BlackEnterprise, and SheKnows Media.

In addition to this, she also happens to be my wife, so I had to make sure this website looked good!

Design Overview

The goal of this design was to add a more professional edge to Amber’s website while retaining her inviting personality and the intimate nature of her work. Taking inspiration from some previous design work for her logo, the contrasting use of bold and bright colors helps to bring attention to the most important content on her site. Because of the nature of her work, it was important to showcase personal images as a way for her clients to connect with her as well as eye-catching backgrounds to promote the actionable content.

Using these elements in conjunction with client testimonials and a selective use of a stylistic brush and sans-serif font makes for a website that is visually captivating and easy to read.


During the design process, the goal was to create a website that displayed well on mobile devices while offering relevant information for the service offerings. Certain areas such as the Home and Meet Me pages, use specific modules that only display on mobile devices to condense information. In areas that normally display multiple testimonials, that number was reduced; for areas that display sponsor logos, the banner image was hidden to account for space and reduce excessive scrolling.


After launching the new website last year, the response from clients and users has been tremendous. Amber has received countless compliments on the look and feel of the website, which showcases her unique and fun-loving personality while promoting the professional service she provides. Within a few weeks of debuting the site, Amber’s business has increased beyond her expectations. She was able to leverage the professional quality of the site into new service offerings that have generated a stream of income she never expected.