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We live in a world today where technology is woven into the very fabric of our society. From the smart TVs that adorn our living room walls to the processors that power our laptops, we use technology in nearly every capacity of our lives. But while we have no problem using it, we sometimes have a problem understanding it — and that’s where a quick technical consultation can come in handy.

Because technology is so integrated into our lives, technical consultation casts a broad stroke in the kind of service that it can provide. Since I focus on the smaller clients, my consultation services range anywhere from figuring out what hardware you need to cut the cable cord, buying a new computer, evaluating web hosting services, or figuring out the kind of software you need for your small business. But no matter what the question may be, there is always an answer. And if I don’t already know it, I can quickly find out what it is. These are just some of the consultation services I provide:

Cutting the Cord

Tired of paying for cable? Find out what hardware you need to watch your favorite TV shows & movies without breaking the bank.

The Right Computer For You

Is it time to upgrade your aging laptop? Learn about which computers would be best for your needs and within your budget.

Business Productivity

As your business grows, the software you use is critical to your success. Find out what options are best suited for your needs.

Know What Gadgets You Need

Don’t know whether the latest TV, streaming device, or tech gadget is right for you? Get all the info before you buy it.

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