I am a self-described urban geek who lives by one simple rule

To Live Life
One Byte At A Time

Who I am is just as important as what I can do

At my core I consider myself to be an “urban geek” or more specifically — a socially conscious person that lives or works in the city, whose passion and optimistic outlook on life, motivates them to pursue knowledge, technical skill, and imagination above mainstream social acceptance or conformity.

Being a geek isn’t relegated to any specific subject matter, but rather towards the pursuits of personal passions. More than just someone who likes typical geeky things, I am a tech enthusiast, comic book fan, political junkie, a huge sci-fi fan, and a business-savvy individual with an analytical mind. This combination of both creative and intellectual pursuits has helped me to grow into a person who seeks to learn all he can to help others who can benefit from that knowledge.


Being the best version of myself

If you have ever read StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath, he states that everyone has five areas of strength that everyone should focus on for self-improvement. These “Themes of Talent,” as he calls them, are the areas one should invest in to develop their skills in the pursuit of excellence. These talents are assets that I use as guiding principles in the services I provide to my clients and beyond.

  • Strategic – By studying everything in a given situation, I am able to generate a host of ideas very quickly. This allows me to offer explanations and discuss ideas to help others envision what can be accomplished. Like chess, there is always more than one path to success.
  • Ideation – A question not asked, is an answer not learned — By asking questions, I seek to find the underlying cause(s) of a problem in order to correct it. Involving others in this process helps to stimulate everyone’s thinking and foster a stronger group dynamic.
  • Futuristic – I am enthusiastic about what the future holds and channel my energies towards what I may accomplish in the future. By taking the time to share these amazing things, I challenge others to consider new possibilities never thought to imagine.
  • Learner – I read, write, and ponder philosophies and concepts that fascinate me, thus creating a strong interest in language and the mastery of words. Language is a form of knowledge that helps me to capture people’s attention and lead them in specific events, projects, or meetings.
  • Input – To prepare for important conversations, I collect as much information as possible, allowing me to project myself into any situation. This gives me the ability to take the mystery out of complex procedures and outline the steps needed to understand what is happening.

Through StrengthFinders, I have learned to acknowledge my weaknesses and simply embrace them. Understanding what I am not good at, allows me to manage them effectively. By recognizing what my weaknesses are, but dedicating time to improving my strengths, it allows me to deliver quality services and input to my clients and beyond.

Whether in business or life, we look for people who we can work well with. Before I begin any project with a client, I always look to see if we are a good fit for each other. This isn’t a way by which I judge the client, but rather myself. It is a way for me to gauge whether or not my personality and skills are right for the job. To help people understand more about who they are working with, I have associated these traits to “expressions” that better reflect who I am and what I can offer.



Who I am, is better explained through the things that I love


In a world of social media, instant messaging, 2-hour delivery service, and Big Data, coffee is the great equalizer. As our technology and culture rapidly outpace our ability to keep up with it, we need to learn to slow down long enough to assess what we are doing, so we can figure how best to do it. And slowing down can be as easy as enjoying a cup of coffee.

There are those who drink coffee and those who make coffee. Those who drink coffee are always on the move, focusing on where they are going and never on how they get there. To them, coffee is a vice to help them get from Point A to Point B. But those who make coffee, focus on the process and what it takes to make the perfect brew. To me, coffee is a tool, a way to slow down the chaos around me so I can make more informed decisions.


Now you’re probably wondering what video games have to do with character expression? The answer: Everything. When I started in the gaming industry, my first job was as a QA Tester. On my first day, they asked me to posit this scenario: Take my favorite game and then play it for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 6 months straight. then afterwards, come back and tell them if I still liked the game. Then they told me to do the same thing with a game I don’t like.

Being a QA Tester taught me to be disciplined in my duties no matter how mundane the task. It also gave me an analytical awareness that allows me to accurately deconstruct any given situation in a short period of time, and then relay that in the simplest terms possible. My passion for gaming is more than a pastime — it is how I think and a way of life.


I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of the Technology, Entertainment, & Design (TED) initiative to use the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. This change is brought about, not by the individual, but by the collective efforts of one’s peers to reach beyond their own limitations in the pursuit of excellence.

Oftentimes you will find me freely engaging others in discussions ranging from politics, or the latest smartphone, to the slate of upcoming summer blockbusters and the design horrors of today’s apps. No matter the conversation, it is through the exchange of ideas and the encouragement of one’s sense of purpose, that we foster the kind of environments that build great products, amazing relationships, and better lives.


LEGO is by far the greatest toy invented by man and has done more to stimulate my creativity than any other product or thing in my life. The process in building a construct from various unrelated pieces is time-consuming and demands one’s full attention. It is during this process that I learned how to organize the chaotic thoughts and ideas in my mind and realize them as one, singular vision. This high level of organization has become a powerful trait that I apply to my experiences in life and business.

This simple toy has given me great attention to detail and continues to build in me, a passion for pursuing creative endeavors that are both stimulating and fulfilling. LEGO taught me how to see beyond what was in front of me and instead look to what was ahead of me.